Friday, January 07, 2005

Here I am finally

Well quite a bit of things changed since I last blogged. First, I quit my job and accepted a new position in San Diego, CA. Doing something totally different from where I was going. If you noticed before, I was in engineering (if you could call it that) and now I am doing supervisory work and management. But I get to work out of my home and be outside alot, although a little travel at first.

Second we have already moved and if you look in my profile it says that I live in San Diego (which I do). I'm bunked up with the good ole inlaws right now, but I think i'll stay busy enough that it won't matter that much, we get along ok anyway.

One of the best things that I'm here would be my good buddy Jeffrey. We roomed in college for, i can't remember almost 3 years right? (since your the only one reading anyway). I will enjoy many times at the Yardhouse and The Field.

I think I change was in order because I feel so much better and free. Alot of that could be due to my family situation with my dad and authority and jobs and etc, but I fell great, better than I have in a really long time. Anyway im out, see you in a month.