Monday, October 11, 2004

Metrics are my friend

Hey all, (I mean 2 of you), not the millions of other people not reading this. Well I'm at work right now, mulling over whether to finish up my assignments for today. Same thing I do every MOnday. Take data make a graph, say a couple of obvious things, give it to senior mgt. Sounds fun doesn't it? its not. Granted it is probably one of the easiest...let me correct that...a monkey could do it. If he could use a computer and write. Anyway its easy.

Not that I'm complaining its easy, I've got a pretty cush job, where other people don't really have a job. update on San Diego - still got a couple of leads right now. I'm suppossed to fly out to Phoenix to meet a VP for a job, so we will see. The other one is in an engineering company, which would be more cush, more money, but I believe the other one would be challenging and actually test alot of my skills. Mad Skills.

As far as my current company. Motivation here is very dim and morale is even lower. I believe the only true reason there aren't more people leaving is the state of the economy, or that they think everything is ok. Which I wish I could be naive and say everything is great, but its not. During the MBA, I learned really fast that adding more people to try and control processes and issues arising is the first sign of a falling company. Its interesting to see everything going on, at least I know now what not to do I guess.