Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello there...

Its been awhile huh?

Lifes been hectic here lately. Interviews, Racing Quads (maybe some other time), flying to London, Paris, etc.

Yes, I'm flying out to London tomorrow night. Some awful ungodly amount of flight times too....something like 6-7 hours? PLus a 2 hour layover? not fun at all....being 6-2 and 215, I often find myself cramped in the tiny seats given to me...Recently flying to San Diego, I had coffee spilled onton me by the shaky hand next to me while handing trash over me. I think all planes should have their own individual seat, I don't want to be next to anyone for any amount of time that close, especially smelly people. This guy had the worst breath known to man, and guess what he did, starting sleeping on the plane next to me, no not coffee spiller, the guy on my left. He was breathing on me!!! I wanted to put up some kind of barrier, but I guess you can't do that "kind of stuff"

Still no word on jobs yet, still looking, hopefully sooner than later. Seems like this company is going down the tubes....


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