Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Return of The Aquabats from Aquabania!!!!

Last night was one of the best concerts I've been to ever. Sadly the AC was broken and was also one of the hottest concerts I've been to. I think I was guessing it was around 95, maybe 97 inside the building. What was so cool was that when we walked outside it was actually cool, never thought I would experience that in Houston, TX. Anyway, my oldest,youngest brother went with me, I think he was kinda skeptical.

First up was Bad Credit (, I think I was just as excited to see them as I was the Aquabats. Unfortunately, no one knew who they were except for about 5 people (me included). They played some of my favs such as "Bill Gates owes me 5 bucks" and "You love it, but you dis it". I'm pretty pumped about seeing them in San Diego, because no one was even jamming to this solid band. They didn't know what they were missing. I would really like to see a full set from them, but I'm sure they were excited that it was only 25 min in that scorching heat.

Next was Petty Booka ( a believe an Austin original. Two Japanese girls in hula skirts and ukalalies singing a country western versions of pop and 80's cover bands. I wasn't too enthralled to see them, although they are very talented and I can say that I saw them in concert. We left about half way through their show to take a breather before the Aquabats played.

The Aquabats are the best band in the world. They were very interactive with the crowd, referred to us as "my homeys" and played their hearts out in their skin tight uniforms, that if any mortal man would have worn, would have died from heat exhaustion. As I looked around the room, I was surprised to see so many Aquabat fans (also known as Aqua-cadets for those who may wear their aquamask or super rad aquabelt) in Houston. I would say over half of the people there knew all the words to the songs they played (old ones anyway). I would also have to say I think I was about the oldest one nearest the mosh/skanking pit. As I looked around the room, there were the usual people at concerts...the moshers (throw people around, dont even worry about the band), the wallers (people, much like my buddy Jeff, who know every word to every song, but like to lean against the wall on either side), The In betweeners (my brother and I skanked at appropriate times and also were able to relax and sing along), and then the freaky girls who looked stoned, but were just really whorish....Then the best thing ever happened...Keith (my bro) was wearing a vintage cowboy hat (one you would wear to football games and try to look cool) and the MC Bat Commander asked to wear it during one of the songs. And there it was, the bat commander wearing my brothers cowboy hat performing a song...he later used the hat to defeat The Truckstop Cat and Time Sprinkler, which he attributed the hat to making his moustache bigger.

The overall night was great, I now cannot hear anything and my voice is totally gone. I did get to talk to one of the lead singers of Bad Credit for a minute or 2. And I should have had a camera to show all the great scenes.


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