Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Yes, that is correct. I've finished my MBA degree, not that it helps out much right now, but soon, very soon. So we're going to have a get together this weekend to celebrate with Pappasitos and wine...should be fun.

Work is interesting. Since finishing my MBA I've learned to see stuff inside businesses and see whats truly going on. I think I remember talking about losing my former department and finally getting a job in a different division. Also that the company was planning to be sold, well its been official. The same day it got announced, they tore down all the original parent company signs and replaced them with a new version of the company logo. At least its alot better than it was. I do need to send out a sentence from the CEO of our company about the sale (about a 3 pager).

We do not anticipate any significant job losses or relocations as a direct result of closing the deal, however we will continue to make adjustments to our business in all areas as business needs dictate.

Fun huh? What does significant and anticipate mean exactly?? thats what I worries though, I just need them to pay for my last class (which I already turned in)


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