Friday, January 07, 2005

Here I am finally

Well quite a bit of things changed since I last blogged. First, I quit my job and accepted a new position in San Diego, CA. Doing something totally different from where I was going. If you noticed before, I was in engineering (if you could call it that) and now I am doing supervisory work and management. But I get to work out of my home and be outside alot, although a little travel at first.

Second we have already moved and if you look in my profile it says that I live in San Diego (which I do). I'm bunked up with the good ole inlaws right now, but I think i'll stay busy enough that it won't matter that much, we get along ok anyway.

One of the best things that I'm here would be my good buddy Jeffrey. We roomed in college for, i can't remember almost 3 years right? (since your the only one reading anyway). I will enjoy many times at the Yardhouse and The Field.

I think I change was in order because I feel so much better and free. Alot of that could be due to my family situation with my dad and authority and jobs and etc, but I fell great, better than I have in a really long time. Anyway im out, see you in a month.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Work, Planes, and other things

Well, first off I want to say I am transitioning to a new job!!!, well I haven't exactly taken the offer, but I am planing to take it. So we will see very soon.

Second, I don't think it is ok for fat people (300+ lbs) to be able to take one seat, I really am a proponent of fat people requiring to buy 2 seats. Yesterday I was in Phoenix on this interview for a new job, on the way back, I got in a little early to the airport and wanted to get an earlier flight, so I went up to the desk and asked for standby, which I did. The next thing I know I get a ticket and am walking on the airplane with bag in hand and about to come up to my row, when I see a failry large (when I say fairly large I really mean really fat) black man sitting in the aisle. At this point I was going to fall over due to sahock but I held it together and decided it was an earlier flight and decided to go through with it. I inform him that the "A" seat ios actually next to the window. I got the middle seat, lucky me. Luckily there was a nice older man who gave me plenty of room on my other side. However, On the fat man's side I really thought I was going to suffocate. He was pressed up to the window really tight and couldn't even put the arm rest down next to him and I, So there I was 6-2 and crammed next to a 350lb man. It makes me want to throw up today gets better thought. During the course of the flight he would get lazy and not scoot up close to the window, thereby putting all of his fat on top of me....At this I gave hiom a little nudghe and he moved back over. WHiel he was sleeping he would also snore and drool the entire time....which made matters worse. At least he didn't smell until he got back from the bathroom, which I still don't know to this day how he even got in it....He defintely reminded me of chris farley size and trying to change clothes in one of those bathrooms.

At least I wasn't suffocated.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Michael Moore's e-mail is

Dubya!!! and Baylor!!!

Wow 2 wins in 2 weeks, looks good for the next 10 years anyway (senate race).

I even e-mail michael moore ( to say look who's the idiot now.

I would say do the same or make fun of him....

Monday, November 01, 2004

Baylor DEFEATS Aggies

One word - Sic Em Bears

Monday, October 11, 2004

Metrics are my friend

Hey all, (I mean 2 of you), not the millions of other people not reading this. Well I'm at work right now, mulling over whether to finish up my assignments for today. Same thing I do every MOnday. Take data make a graph, say a couple of obvious things, give it to senior mgt. Sounds fun doesn't it? its not. Granted it is probably one of the easiest...let me correct that...a monkey could do it. If he could use a computer and write. Anyway its easy.

Not that I'm complaining its easy, I've got a pretty cush job, where other people don't really have a job. update on San Diego - still got a couple of leads right now. I'm suppossed to fly out to Phoenix to meet a VP for a job, so we will see. The other one is in an engineering company, which would be more cush, more money, but I believe the other one would be challenging and actually test alot of my skills. Mad Skills.

As far as my current company. Motivation here is very dim and morale is even lower. I believe the only true reason there aren't more people leaving is the state of the economy, or that they think everything is ok. Which I wish I could be naive and say everything is great, but its not. During the MBA, I learned really fast that adding more people to try and control processes and issues arising is the first sign of a falling company. Its interesting to see everything going on, at least I know now what not to do I guess.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hello there...

Its been awhile huh?

Lifes been hectic here lately. Interviews, Racing Quads (maybe some other time), flying to London, Paris, etc.

Yes, I'm flying out to London tomorrow night. Some awful ungodly amount of flight times too....something like 6-7 hours? PLus a 2 hour layover? not fun at all....being 6-2 and 215, I often find myself cramped in the tiny seats given to me...Recently flying to San Diego, I had coffee spilled onton me by the shaky hand next to me while handing trash over me. I think all planes should have their own individual seat, I don't want to be next to anyone for any amount of time that close, especially smelly people. This guy had the worst breath known to man, and guess what he did, starting sleeping on the plane next to me, no not coffee spiller, the guy on my left. He was breathing on me!!! I wanted to put up some kind of barrier, but I guess you can't do that "kind of stuff"

Still no word on jobs yet, still looking, hopefully sooner than later. Seems like this company is going down the tubes....

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Got a Case of the Mondays?

I hate mondays....let me repeat myself...I hate mondays. Its not even Monday yet...I'm waiting on sheets to dry so we can go to bed. I'm so freakin tired...We had a party for my MBA graduation and I had some red wine, fajitas (pronounced fagitas), guac, chips, more red I'm not feeling good today..

Went to see I,Robot....very very good movie...I even heard it out did Spiderman in Gross Sales. Will Smith has that confidence you like to see on film. I still can't believe that all the robots with virtual reality...pretty awesome...